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When Life Literally Gives You Lemons

I won't sugarcoat it. Life is hard. Moving across the world is hard. Starting a business is ridiculously hard. But sometimes, life not only figuratively gives you lemons. It LITERALLY gives you lemons too. A few weeks ago, an acquaintance of ours had just harvested the lemon tree in his yard, and he had more lemons than he could handle. So we acquired whole bunch of them. Life gave us lemons! We love lemons! We love lemon water, lemonade, lemon zest on some of our meals, a little citrus squeeze into our salads or tacos. This was just great!

A few nights later, I was having a particularly rough night. I was feeling pretty down on myself. Life was just plain hard. I felt like I didn't know anyone, nobody knew me, my business was just slow, and I felt so inadequate in a number of areas of my life. My bucket was just empty. You know, the classic meltdown. So, Nic, the wonderful man he is, climbed out of bed to hand squeeze some lemonade for me at 12:30 am. We were both just emotionally exhausted and needed something to lift our spirits a bit. So, lemonade it was!

It actually turned into a fun little activity as we struggled to make it taste just right. Wincing when we had too much lemon juice and not enough sugar, disappointedly squeezing more lemons after we had added too much water, and laughing together at the fact that we were hand squeezing lemonade at nearly 1:00am with my red, splotchy, puffy eyes. These moments are what life is about. The moments we grow closer through trials and heartaches. The times we serve another because they are struggling. Working together to solve a problem. Turning the lemons of life into sweet lemonade. I am forever grateful for a husband who helps me turn my figurative lemons into literal lemonade.

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