Oh HEY!!! Most about pages are about how much people LOVE what they do. And while that's all fun and dandy, I'm also a person! And you probably want to see if I'm cool enough, or fun enough, or whatever enough to work with you on your special day! Am I right?! And I SOOO don't blame you! So here's me:

You probably want to see if I'm cool enough, or fun enough, to work with. am I right?! ;) 

I was the awkward girl in elementary school and all through my high school days. Okay, I'll be honest. Probably through college too. But it was mostly because I was a gymnast for much of that time. I LIVED at the gym. My husband would tell you I almost went to the olympics (he's cute). But let's be real here. Only 4 or 5 girls go to the olympics every 4 years. Chances are SLIM! So I was good. But not top-five-in-the-U.S-on-an-olympic-year good. So basically what this means is that I can show you exactly how wide four inches is simply because I spent almost 10 years of my life on a balance beam (four inches wide). Cool, right? I can also sing the alphabet backwards, which is FUN! And I LOVE Golden Retrievers and Chips and Guac, because who doesn't?! 

Why is ANY of this important you ask? Because, girl! I can balance in the weirdest places to get just the right angle of your gorgeous face! I have weird talents that come in super handy on random occasions, and you best believe I will bring you chips and guac on your wedding day if you want me to. AND I would also be THRILLED to interact with your furry friends! 

Think we'd be great friends? Let's grab a smoothie and chat about all your big wedding day plans! Shoot me a message and I'll be in touch! 

Quick Facts

For Funsies

Married #hotnic in 2017. 

No, I did not give him this nickname. 

Ask him about it. 

He'll probably blush. 

And get super embarrassed. 

It's cute. 

And I love it. 


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