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Sandy Shoes and Gorgeous Views

The soft, powdery sand between our toes, sea shell hunting for the littles in our lives, happy dogs tromping down the beach chasing seagulls, adorable couples going for a peaceful evening walk, and the faint smell of salty sea subtly sneaking into our noses made our Sunday walk just what we needed.

Though the week started out as a stress fest with Nic's schooling and such, we found that some of our greatest stress relief comes as we slow down for a minute and really observe the beauty around us. I have found photography to be one of the best and easiest ways to do that. As tough as it has been to move to the other side of the world and start a new life, finding joy in those little things and LOVING what I do has made this journey so wonderful!

I just about died of excitement last night when the beach hit "golden hour." Every minute that passed, the light just got prettier and dreamier. And the scene around us just became more and more beautiful. Before I decided to make the leap into the photography world, I never knew how very essential lighting was. Lighting is EVERYTHING!!! I used to think that it was the background, or the composition that made a great photo, but boy was I wrong! Great lighting can make nearly any image beautiful, if you know how to use it.

This week, Nic and I went location hunting for my next photoshoots. Living in a new place is so exciting! We've loved having a solid excuse to take out the camera and go on adventures, hunting down locations with that perfect light and (BONUS!) a beautiful backdrop. This week, we hiked through Waterfall Gully, biked through the park lands, and walked along the beach. We have loved exploring the beautiful city of Adelaide, and can't wait to see even more! "Adventure is out there!"

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