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Lifestyle Newborn Shoot- Lennon

Little Lennon was perfect. Not every newborn is going to be sleepy and snuggly for their photos, and that's soooo okay! To me it highlights their personalities!

Lennon has big beautiful eyes and is already giving some darling little smiles. This little sweetie is so loved by her parents and the pictures definitely show it.

It was such an honor to get to peek into the Parker's life for just a short time and witness the love they have for their little angel. Moments like these make up one of my major "why's" for my business. They remind me to take time to really love those around me and cherish the moments I have with them. I know it sounds super cheesy, but it's 100% true. Capturing these moments for people brings a special light and happiness to my heart that is hard to find just anywhere.

Congratulations Chloe and Steven! Your family is beautiful!

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