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Logan Riverwalk: The Thompson Family

"Okay Boys! Look at your dad with the most serious face you can do!" What happened next was probably my favorite moment of the session. *Boom. Smoulder x 3* These little fellas are like mini models! To say that the Thompson's are #familygoals would be an understatement. They are quite possibly the cutest and sweetest family we know, and all their little ones have such fun and unique personalities. I also love the sweet bond that they have with each other. It makes me hope that our kids will be like that one day.

To only talk about how cute and wonderful the kids are would be such a shame! Their parents are WON.DER.FULLLL! LaShel and Andrew are two people that Nic and I really look up to and talk about frequently when discussing what we want to be like "when we grow up." It's not about what they've accomplished in life, but more about who they are. They are kind. Hard working. Compassionate. Dreamers. Go-getters. Patient. Giving. Humble.... I could honestly go on and on. And it all shows in how awesome their kids are!

I know this post is INCREDIBLY delayed. I was wrapping up school, and #pregnancybrain is a very real thing in life! But, I couldn't let this one pass by without posting about it. We LOVE the Thompson's and truly hope we can be even a little bit like them one day!

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