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Foumakis Family

Nothing could have prepared me for what I would find upon my arrival for this sweet family's session. I had gotten to this little park about 30 minutes early to scout out the best lighting, and what did I find? TENTS! BIG. WHITE. TENTS! EVERYWHERE. Construction cones. Workers. Ladders. Several Trucks. The city was setting up for a festival that would consume this entire little park.

Entering what I affectionately call "Coordinator Mode," from my EFY days, I hustled back to my car to begin my very quick search for a new photo shoot location. However, due to time constraints and the location needs of this cute little family, we ultimately chose to to use this darling, but busy little park anyway.

The Foumakis Family was the SWEETEST!!! They were so patient with me as we hunted down the only two shady places in the entire park that didn't have massive monstrosities in the background. Bless them! They have the cutest smiles and the sweetest little girls one could ask for!

My favorite moments from this session were simply watching the interactions between Kate and George with their sweet girls. I could see so much love in the eyes of these parents as they talked with Audrey about her pretty dress, her shoes, and her favorite Disney princesses. George was especially sweet with Audrey as we approached the end of our session. He twirled her around, danced with her, and they practiced smiling as big as they could together. SO CUTE!

Meanwhile, there was no denying the bond between Kate and Anouk. The love and peace in Kate's eyes was so tender as I watched her make Anouk giggle for the camera. She would make cute faces behind me to get her to smile, and bounce and twirl her around to keep the smiles coming during our session. By the end of our time, Anouk was peacefully asleep in Kate's arms.

Though our day started quite unexpectedly, I was reminded why I love my job. I love seeing these sweet families interact so lovingly with one another, and I love the people of Adelaide and how kind and genuine they are. Thank you, Foumakis Family, for such a lovely afternoon and for reminding me what matters most.

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