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15 Easy Poses For Couples

Let's all be real for a minute. Posing for photos can be awkward. We've all been there. Someone asks to take your picture. You have a 5 second panic attack as you quickly think to yourself, "Oh gosh. What does my hair even look like? Is there something in my teeth? I don't even know how to stand. What on earth do I do with my arms?!"

I've learned a few posing tips from courses and online resources to help us all out, and to give us some more confidence as we either take the pictures, or pose for them. With that said, here are 15 ways you can pose with your significant other whether it's for your Christmas Cards, Engagement photos, a quick pose on the go, or some nice photos for your cozy home.

1. Pull back- Start from further away. Give some space! It makes your surroundings look bigger, and it makes you look smaller! It also helps to hide any blemishes; you know, the untimely Mount Vesuvius on your nose or forehead.

2. Wrap from behind- This is a nice flattering look for the girl, as she pulls her guy in nice and close.

3. The Love Gaze- Girl's Front hand is on the guy's chest, and her back hand is on his cheek/neck. Nice and Snuggly. Looking at each other.

4. The Whisk-Away- Taking this photo from behind is key. It helps the girl look and feel tiny and it focuses more on her emotions. Don't forget to pop that foot!

5. The Reverse Spiderman Kiss- This is just a fun one to do, Sneak up behind, Flip that hair over the top, Grab his face, and give him a nice smooch!

6. Heads together- put the heads together, close the eyes, and just enjoy the


7. Criss Cross Applesauce- The girl crosses here arms in front of her. The guy interlocks his fingers with hers from behind. Girl crosses her feet also. Both lean forward a little. Switch up who looks at the camera. (Girl only, while guy looks at her. Guy only, while girl looks up at him. Both look, etc.)

8. The Gentle Bear Hug- The guy stands behind, the girl. One arm wraps over her shoulders in front. The other arm wraps around her waist from behind. the girl holds on to his top arm with both hands.

9. Similar to #3- The Girl's Front hand is on the guy's chest, and her back hand is on his cheek/neck. Nice and Snuggly. The photo is just pulled back more and includes the background.

10. Another very similar to #3- Girl's Front hand is on the guy's chest, and her back hand is on his cheek/neck. Nice and Snuggly. BOTH are looking at the camera though. This one is great for quick, on the go poses.

11. The smiley kisses- come in close, smile/laugh as you close in for a kiss. Guy's hands are around the waist. Girls hands are on his chest.

12. Same as #11, but pull back and laugh!

13. Dancing/Twirling- This is a darling pose that creates a cute, romantic moment. Make sure to move slowly, to avoid blur.

14. Whisk Away 2- Very similar to #4. The photo is just closer up and taken at a different angle to focus in on both faces.

15. Walking- Walking poses are a nice easy way to break the ice. Walk slowly with smiles all around.

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