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Sandy's Surprise

ALL moms want photos of their children, no matter their age. I haven't met a single mom who doesn't! Which is exactly why family photo sessions make the perfect gift for any mom.

What started as a crazy downpour of torrential rain, turned into a beautiful gift on a beautiful day. Sandy's sweet children surprised her with a family photo shoot for an early Christmas Present. This was the first time in ages that they had all been in the same place at the same time, and it was such a sweet little reunion. I had never done a photo shoot with all adult children, so this was a fun new experience for me. These young adults were a hoot! And, it was fun to get to see their different roles within their family, and their differing personalities. It's kind of incredible how many different kinds of people can come out of one family! I loved taking photos of this sweet family, and even towards the end, their dog too! Also, mad props to Rebecca, Tim's Girlfriend, for organizing the whole thing. She was a champion to work with! And we even got to sneak in a few photos of Tim and her toward the end. Those two are soooo cute!

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