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If it's not going to feel like Christmas outside, it might as well feel like the perfect summer day! With school out for the semester, every day is an adventure! Yesterday, we went to Port Adelaide and some of the surrounding areas.

Our first stop was by the lighthouse in Port Adeliade. I love lighthouses and the frequent symbols that they are of faith, beacons of hope, following the light, and many more. They are simply beautiful and so majestic. I love them against the blue sky. We also saw some really cool ships!

We also spent sometime walking around the older part of town, and looking at the amazing architectural work on some of the buildings. It was actually kind of eerie as we walked through town. It was dead silent. But, the beauty made up for it. My favorite, had to be this white door on a red brick church. I officially want a door like this somewhere on my house or garage/shed or something when I grow up! It's adorable!

After strolling through town, we drove out to the river edge hoping to see a dolphin. Dream came true! Nic was ecstatic. After nearly 6 months of marriage, we are finding that Nic has a fascination with ocean life that neither of us knew he had. It's been really fun. His eyes light up and he turns into a kid again when there is the possibility of a dolphin or whale siting. His day was made.

As we started our drive back home, we saw a beautiful beach. We just had to stop! It was too pretty not to, and it was hardly occupied, which made it even nicer. Every time we go to the beach, we look for sea shells. We usually just find little clam shells, and an occasional scallop. Nothing too crazy. While peering and wading through the clear, shallow water, I made a quick glance at the edge of the water, and there on the sand was one of our best shells we've found to date. "Did I just win?! I think it did! I winned!" Our grammar goes out the window when we are excited. With this find, we had a newfound thrill to our shell hunt. There had to be more like it! After 5-10 more minutes, we both saw it at the same time. A "big" spiral shell! Gasping, I started yelling, "YOU WINNED!!! YOU WINNED!!! YOU WINNED!!!" We ended up finding a few more following this. Needless today, we had a great time! We were definitely the winners of the day!

We ended the day with a walk out to the park lands to see if we can catch a glimpse of the meteor shower. Unfortunately, we couldn't see anything from where we were, but it was a great excuse to walk around on such a perfect, cool summer night. We are loving this break, and every day has become a new adventure.

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