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The Ho Family

I have always been an observer of those around me, and I love to take note of all the wonderful ways in which people interact. Every shoot is so different, but I have found so far that one thing is always the same. Every family loves each other. Incredible is the strength of the bond that each family has shown during their photo sessions. It just makes me love my job so much more.

One by one, the Ho family piled out of their cars looking picture perfect. This family is the epitome of classy and kind. This shoot was organized by our sweet friend, Perona. She and her husband, Stefan were some of the very first people we met in Australia. They have been great friends to Nic and me as we began our new journey. Their examples to us have been so wonderful, and we often talk about how we want to be like Stefan and Perona when we "grow up." They are like silent rockstars and secret superheroes. We just love them!

As we started taking pictures, I could tell the cute little boys were stuffed full of energy, and they were just ready to really to run! So we quickly got our big group shots, so they wouldn't have to be still for too terribly long. They are such darling little troopers, and I loved working with them! Our time was full of high fives and fist bumps. They were such cool little guys who had the cutest brotherly bond.

It's also no secret, that I LOVE working with couples too! I had so much fun taking pictures of each couple in the family and getting to take some pictures of each of them. Everyone was so patient and sweet. I loved every minute of my time with the Ho family.

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