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Photoshoots for Moms

I am not a mother yet. However, I've observed and worked closely with a lot of moms. And if there is anything I've learned, it's that there is nothing else in the world more important to a mother than her sweet children. In recent months, I've had the beautiful privilege of working with a handful of youth and young adults to organize a photoshoot as a gift for their mom. This is my favorite age group to work with, and the joy that I get to witness and feel from these moms is also just indescribable. I love it!

I can often tell that some people are not very comfortable with getting their photo taken. It's sometimes quite a sacrifice for them. However, the love that they all have for their mom completely overrides that awkward feeling. And it's honestly a beautiful thing to be a part of as they put themselves aside to really give their mom something that she will truly cherish.

Recently, I got to work with Josh Vanlaatum and his sweet siblings to organize a photoshoot. I honestly feel so privileged to work with this little crew. They were each so kind and sweet to me and to each other. It was really quite amazing to FEEL the love that they have for each other and for their beautiful mom. We also just had fun! They were so easy going, and so great to work with! These kinds of session are just the best as siblings come together for such a beautiful cause. It helps me remember why I love photography.

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