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Boyce Park Family Photos

"Ummm... Honey? Can you please be my model again?" Bless Nic. He of course obliged. He's such a champion, and is so supportive of my photography. I love him for that. A little over a week ago, I wanted to go practice with a lens I was going to be using during the wedding I was helping with that upcoming weekend. I had seen gorgeous photos of the flower fields at Boyce Park and I really wanted to try and get some photos there.

While we were there, I noticed several people who were also there taking pictures. Some professionals, some striving to hone their skills, some senior girls taking photos of each other, and some sweet families who just wanted some nice new photos for their homes. Most were taking pictures with their phones, and a few had their own camera.

I was standing there wishing, I had the chance to take some photos of those senior girls for them. And then in dawned on me. "Wouldn't it be nice for you to take their photos for some of these families? You can take a couple with your own camera and send them the pics?" It would be a perfect opportunity to practice with this lens, and also serve a few families while I was at it. So I offered.

While we were there, we met Karmen, her two ADORABLE girls, and her husband. They were so sweet and so gracious. I loved capturing a few photos of them. After snapping a few quick pictures, we walked around some more before meeting another sweet family.

Kristal and her sweet family were all dressed up and ready for some photos. After talking to them for a few minutes, we discovered that it was Kristal's birthday, and all she wanted was a few great photos of her family. The kids were so sweet to get all dressed up for their mom. Despite how much they may not have wanted to take some photos, I could see how much they loved their mom by the way they smiled like angels for each photo.

I had so much fun snapping just a few quick photos for them. As much as photography is a business, I love to find opportunities here and there to just give. It does my heart so much good, and I feel so blessed to have been able to meet these special families last week. Here are a few photos from Boyce park. This lens was a dream!

This is Karmen and her cute family!

These next photos are are of Kristal's family! Happy Birthday Kristal!

And I just had to throw in a couple of this handsome fella! Thank you, Nic for always being my model, my photo buddy, and my main squeeze!

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