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Butler Park Engagement Session: Anna and Stephen

Yep. It sounds cheesy. Yes. Even cliche. But I don't even care. Watching Anna and Stephen interact and just BE together was so sweet. I loved seeing my sweet friend so happy. I loved how Stephen could make her laugh, and it was only between them. I loved how Anna would look him right in the eyes with so much love. Sessions like this are gift that remind me how very blessed I am to have someone like that in my own life. It reminds me of God's tender mercies in our lives and how incredibly aware He is of me and my little family. Everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes you meet your person when you least expect it. Anna almost didn't go out with her friends on the night she met Stephen, and now she's so glad she did! There is no telling whether or not they would have met later on, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I believe these two were meant to be together. They just fit!

Best wishes Anna and Stephen and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are THRILLED for you and feel so blessed to have been able to share a tiny piece of this journey with you. Love you both!

Eryn and Nic

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