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Lifestyle Newborn Shoot: Baby Anna

Anna has got me wondering if I need to rethink this baby thing. I've never REALLY considered getting way into newborn photography, simply because I'm not a SUPER baby guru. But, one of the first things I told Nic when I got home was, "Ya know? After that shoot, MAYBE I could get more into newborn photography." I think his jaw almost hit the floor. The way sweet Anna would snuggle up and sleep through all my jostling and positioning of her tiny self was just amazing to me. If only toddlers were the same! Haha!

One special thing about doing newborn lifestyle shoots though is the tender remembrance that these tiny little angels are fresh from heaven. They are so tiny and pure, and they bring such a peaceful feeling to the soul when working with them. I am grateful to have had the blessing this week of working with the sweetest family and such a beautiful new baby.

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from baby Anna's session the other day. I can't wait to finish these up and deliver the rest of them!

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