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Old Settlers Park Fruit Bath Shoot: Emery 6 month Photos

This shoot was extra fun for me! This angel niece of mine is so happy, and when she smiles her whole body joins in! I just love this sweet Emery girl and all the joy she brings to our family!

It's such a rarity to have one of your best friends become your sister! And when her kids are THIS cute, I can't help but LOVE being a photographer! When I first met Jess, we were working youth camps together. That summer was crazy on so many levels, but one thing I learned was that Jess was Superwoman. As time has gone on, she has saved me on so many occasions. Her kindness and service is unmatched, and I still can't believe I'm now lucky enough to call this incredible woman family! As one of my best friends, it has been so fun to raise our little ones together and see her at every family function. And her kids are seriously some of the cutest this world has seen.

Love you Jess and sweet Emery!

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